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The Energy market consists of a separate Energy cost every hour. Considering a month with 31 days, there are 744 hours in total, different from 31 days and 24 hours.
The unit cost of each hour is different, making optimization for energy efficiency inevitable.
Apollo is the Energy Management Choice of 500+ Industry Leaders
Energy Density
One of the factors required to determine your energy efficiency is your competitors' Energy, Consumption and expenditure data.
On the Apollo platform, you can determine whether you are using Energy efficiently, thanks to the values determined based on the Energy data of your sector competitors.
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By looking at both the sector and the general consumption, the consumer can compare herself with Turkey and the world and see how much potential efficiency she has.
It can receive reports based on either raw materials or product output.
Additionally, due to ISO 50001 procedures, reports and estimates in terms of total carbon emissions and `TOE` can be received with a single click.
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