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There's Only One App You Need to Manage Your Energy

Apollo IoT, your digital energy platform that can be accessed by every unit in companies and makes energy tracking effortless as well as facilitating inter-departmental communication.
Apollo is the Energy Management Choice of 500+ Industry Leaders
Consumption Monitoring
Apollo Energy allows you to track and record your consumption on a daily, monthly and annual basis.
With advanced filtering options, you can view your detailed Consumption as well as your inductive and capacitive ratios in the date range you want.
Reactive Fine Tracking
Apollo warns its users to protect them from possible criminal situations.
It prevents unexpected situations by sending notifications when your inductive and capacitive values reach penal limits.
It estimates your Month End Values based on the possibility that your current inductive and capacitive values will progress in a similar direction until the end of the month.
It calculates the penalty fee that will come at the end of the month if measures are not taken to reduce the values.
Sectoral Comparison
Apollo Solar Module
Solar Power Plant Setup
By increasing clean energy production, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by up to 80% and minimizes environmental impact, while also reducing energy costs by 20% to 50%.
Apollo Solar Module allows you to see;
• Your total consumption values,• Your total production from solar plant,• The bill you would pay withouth a solar energy system,• Your SPP benefits in percentages, all month long!
Bill Verification
You can find a detailed review of your invoices for the last three years on the Apollo platform.
You can verify invoices whose amount you are not sure about.
If you wish, you can download and record your expenses in Excel.
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