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Processes such as real-time energy resource monitoring, providing advantageous information about power distribution parameters and metrics, and identifying trends, allow companies to reduce energy costs by reducing energy losses and environmental impact.
Apollo is the Energy Management Choice of 500+ Industry Leaders
Healthcare facilities are generally energy-intensive organizations. Energy costs have a large share in the budgets of healthcare institutions.
With Apollo, hospital officials can monitor all of their facilities through Apollo's tracking system and report their energy consumption. Users save both cost and time through operational efficiency.
Reduce your biggest operating expenses with Apollo industrial energy management platform. Through the Industry 4.0 perspective, it will be possible to increase operational and cost efficiency, as a result of analyzing and monitoring the consumption trends of facilities in the process of digitalization in Turkey and the world.
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Consumption Optimization
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Cost of Machines
Apollo is a user-friendly platform for hotels to reduce and proactively manage their energy risks, costs and environmental factors. Access both individual and cumulative analyzes of all hotels with different capacities in different cities via Apollo. Ensure cost efficiency by optimizing the consumption habits of facilities whose expenses do not change.
Logistics warehouses often carry out large-scale operations, which leads to significant energy consumption.
Energy management offers warehouse operators the opportunity to reduce energy costs by adopting energy efficiency measures.
Shopping Malls
Energy, which has a very important place among the total expenses of shopping malls, is an important factor that directly affects the profitability of the facility.
Shopping malls need to monitor and manage the energy consumption of both their common areas and the customers spending time those areas.
By taking action to improve efficiency, businesses can save on electricity bills while increasing the productivity of their employees with Apollo.
Track your energy consumption, emissions and cost reduction efforts for more sustainable retail operations with Apollo's data-driven tools and financial analytics. With Apollo, manage the energy management of hundreds of your branches from a single platform.
Public Institutions
Public institutions and organizations that fall within the scope of the `Saving Target and Implementation Guide in Public Buildings` published by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources are expected to submit the reference consumption amount and calculation to the ministry at regular intervals.
Apollo is used for savings objectives, energy consumption and savings activities in Public Buildings.